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With the holidays approaching, now is a great time to get your dryer vents cleaned. Dryer vent cleaning not only helps to prevent dangerous dryer fires, but also helps to reduce the lint, dust and dirt that accumulates in your dryer, and your home.
When dryer vents get clogged, dirt, fuzz and dust builds up in your dryer area, which makes its way into your home. Many people with allergies benefit from an annual dryer vent cleaning service, reducing the allergens not only in your home, but also reducing lint and dust on your clothes. For people with allergies, this can be extremely important.

For just $59 Mr. Roger's Dryer Vent Experts, provides dryer vent cleaning in your Tampa bay home, but will also clean the inside and outside of your dryer and dryer area. Many companies charge extra to do this, or don't clean the dryer at all. Cleaning your dryer and vents will help to extend the life of your dryer, and will reduce the cost of energy you use. When your dryer vents are clogged and dirty, it takes much longer to dry your laundry, thus, increasing your power bill. Your clothes will not only dry more rapidly, but your clothes may even look nicer! ( No more lint bunnies on your favorites outfit!)

Dryer Vent Cleaning Reduces the Risk of Damaging Fires
Reduce the Risk of Dryer Fires Call Today

The most significant reason to schedule a dryer vent cleaning service however, is to reduce the risk of fires. Consumer reports suggests that cleaning your dryer vents and dryer is important to reduce dryer fires, but they also suggest that improper dryer vents or dryer ducts increase the chances of dryer fires.. Mr. Roger's dryer vent experts located in Tampa, Florida will perform a thorough inspection of your dryer including your dryer ducts to ensure that your dryer is working up to par and running efficiently.

Keeping your home and family safe everyday is important to our Tampa dryer vent cleaning company! Schedule a dryer vent cleaning today, and have a cleaner home and some peace of mind this holiday season!

For more information about our dryer vent cleaning service in Tampa, Brandon, Plant City or Land O Lakes area, or to see if you are in our service area, visit us at To schedule a dryer vent cleaning, call 813-870-0770 or schedule a our services for dryer vent cleaning online at

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Clean You Dryer Vent Today

  • Clothes dryer fires account for about 15,600 structure fires, 15 deaths, and 400 injuries annually, let Mr Rogers Appliances clean your vent today
  • Eighty percent of clothes dryer fires in structures occur in residential buildings.
  • Annually, 12,700 clothes dryer fires occur in residential buildings resulting in 15 deaths and 300 injuries. (Current estimates have doubled this number to over 24,000 fires!)
  • "Failure to clean" is the leading factor contributing to clothes dryer fires in residential building
    New home construction trends place clothes dryers and washing machines in more hazardous locations away from outside walls such as bedrooms, second-floor hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens. call Mr Rogers Appliances 813- 870-0770.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Signs of Dirty Dryer Vents & Ducts

- Lint on clothes or build-up of lint on lint catcher.
- Dryer isn't heating yet still has airflow. Longer drying times, heavy articles of clothing damp at end of cycle.
- Outdoor flapper on vent hood doesn't open when dryer is on.
- Airflow in the vent seems low.
-Smells or feels "hot."

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning / Save Money & Reduce Fire at Your Tampa Home or Business

- Reduces drying time, saving energy.
- Increases the life of your dryer.
- Reduces allergens.
- Saves your clothes from being destroyed by excessive heat and reduces moisture build up.
- Most importantly, reduces the risk of a catastrophic fire caused by lint build up in your dryer. 

Our dryer vent service in unlike many other dryer vent cleaning services in the Tampa Bay area
Mr. Roger's appliance repair and dryer vent cleaning service, cleans your dryer, inside and out, and we also do a free maintenance check on your washer and dryer for only $59.95.

Our Tampa bay customers understand the value that Mr. Roger's Appliance Repair and Dryer Vent Cleaning Service offers. We provide affordable dryer vent cleaning services, are fully certified appliance repair technicians and most importantly, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We provide dryer vent cleaning and appliance repair services to the following customers in the Tampa Bay area:

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services for Tampa  Landlords & Property Management Companies
Dryer Vent Cleaning Tampa Homeowners and Renters

Dryer Duct Cleaning for Tampa Commercial Cleaners

Call us at (813) 870-0770 or visit us at for more information about our Tampa bay dryer duct cleaning services which include a full inspection of your washer and dryer for only $59.95.